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    Comparing Fixed Items and Personal Property

    The rules for what does and doesn’t stay with a home when it’s sold.


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    Today we want to talk to you about what you can and cannot take with you when you sell your home.

    What is a fixed item? A fixed item is anything that is physically attached to the property. This includes things like your electrical, plumbing, plants in the yard, and light fixtures. Window fixtures like shutters, curtains, and curtain rods will be staying with the property. When it comes to landscape items, anything in a pot goes with the seller. If you want to take grandma’s chandelier, make sure you exclude it in your purchase agreement with the buyer.

    A TV is technically personal property, but the bracket behind it is attached to the wall, so that’s going to stay. If you don’t want the bracket, there is a place in the contract where you can ask the seller to take it off, patch it, and paint it to make it look like it was never there.

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