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    Introducing…The Parsons Concierge!!!

    With so many options on the market today, how do you choose the correct real estate agent? There are agents that work at discount brokerages, Luxury brokerage, full service brokerage and everything in between. With the abundant amount of information on the internet, one has the ability to access more information today than ten years ago, thus, the average home buyer or seller is much more knowledgeable in the real estate process. So, how do you pick the correct real estate agent for your needs? There are many ways to answer this question and not one of them is wrong.

    We have compiled a few areas of focus, to help guide you!

    What are your expectations?

    • Do you need to sell fast?
    • Do you need someone that has been in the industry for years?
    • Does your agent sell in all types of markets or just when the market is hot?
    • First time home buyer, what makes you competitive in the housing market?
    • Does the agent possess the knowledge and expertise to guide you in unforeseen circumstances?
    • Your agent is an extension of you, do they dress professional and have manors?


    • Do they have strong communication and negotiation skills? Everyone likes a good deal, will they have negotiation skills needed to negotiate the best price for you?
    • Will the agent stay in touch throughout the escrow process or will you be constantly seeking answers?


    • How will the agent market your home?
    • Do they use their cell phone to take pictures or a quality professional company?
    • Do they use a multimedia marketing platform?
    • Open house, what will that look like?

    What additional services can they provide?


    The Parsons team understands that life changes can bring stress, unforeseen events and lots of excitement. We pride ourselves on having years of combined industry experience, a streamlined process, and accessibility to a knowledgeable team. Now, we are ready to roll out an additional level of service!! Introducing….The Parsons Concierge!!

    Check out a few additional services we can facilitate for you!

    • Unloading boxes and hungry? We can deliver food to you!
    • New to the area and need help finding a trustworthy handyman? We have a list of preferred vendors.
    • Need help packing and unpacking? Yup, we got that covered for you too!
    • Real estate attorney referrals
    • Help with scheduling cleaning servives
    • Restaurant Reservations
    • Plus much more! 

    As a valued clients we would love to hear from you! What would help you during a move?



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