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    I interviewed four of the top brokers in Pasadena for my listing. Almost all of the brokers wanted to list the property for $150,000 to $200,000 below its value to stimulate a bidding war, but they all wanted me to agree that I would sell it for that lower amount if a bidding war didn’t materialize. Brian and his team gave me the best realistic price, handled all matters from staging to inspections etc and made the process smooth and easy from offers throughout the conclusion of escrow. We listed it and sold it with multiple offers in two weeks during what typically is the slow holiday period almost exactly at the asking price that we set. I couldn’t recommend Brian and his team more highly. I have had numerous real estate transactions over the years, and he has been the most knowledgeable and professional broker out of all those transactions.
    Tim Sweeney, Pasadena, CA

    I hired The Parsons Team to help sell my home last year (2015) after experiencing some challenges with my first hired real estate agency and my home being on the market six months. The Parsons Team moved quickly after taking over my listing. Within two weeks, they helped me (1) negotiate release from the first agency, (2) took beautiful new pictures of my home, (3) totally re-staged my home, and (3) did extensive marketing before re-listing my home. After only two, 2 days on the market – The Parsons Team secured multiple offers and sold my home quickly. This was my first experience selling a home, so many lessons learned, but the #1 lesson – make sure you hire the best agent/agency to represent you and that they understand your needs. I can honestly say that ‘The Parsons Team’ is the #1 and Best Real Estate Team to work with!!
    Roman Gwin, Altadena, CA

    Our experience with the agency and with Brian Parsons in particular was superior. We were directed to Brian through a friend at an out-of-state Keller Williams office. He is an outgoing, friendly and straightforward guy, who was easy to develop a rapport with. Immediately, he took us for a tour to get a “feel” for what we liked in terms of neighborhoods and houses. It was an eight month process since we were very, very particular and the market in Pasadena/South Pasadena is competitive. He constantly checked in (phone calls), sent us the usual MLS listings, and came with us for all our site visits. He went out of his way, when we were looking in Silver Lake, to come down and go to open houses with us. He was very good a “diagnosing” the property. There were a few homes we liked, which he steered us away from because of structural issues he identified. He’s the kind of guy who is willing to check in all the nooks and crannies, even if he is in a suit! He was also good at having “those conversations” with sellers agents and getting information that is very useful to buyers when deciding on price. Ultimately, it was the relationships that Brian and his mother had established in the region (along with a clean offer) that got us the inside track to get a house in a neighborhood that was getting 20-30 offers per house and typically commanding 20% over asking. It is also worth nothing that the entire agency was helpful. The front desk people and his other agents. When Brian was tied up, and we wanted to see something at a particular day/time, he had one of his colleagues meet us. When there were inspection appointments we could not make, he ensured someone from the agency was there! Finally, they are all a nice group of people to work with. He’s developed a good team, with good instincts and great contacts throughout the region. We are now using them to sell our condo. In short, if you are looking for a realtor in the area, this is the group to go with.
    John Joseph, South Pasadena, CA

    The Parsons Team worked tirelessly to ensure my house sold for the right price. They then worked through the Christmas Holidays to help close on the new home.
    Brian patiently explained each step and every word on all the contracts, making sure I was protected.
    I couldn’t be happier!
    Amanda Uber, Salt Lake City, UT

    During the buying process, we accumulate a lot of paper documents, so after close, the Parsons’ team provided an electronic copy of all of our documents with a self-inking stamp with our new home address and names. For us, this was very insightful and this type of attention shows how dedicated the team is to the happiness of their customers.
    In conclusion, I would highly recommend the Parson’s team to anyone looking to purchase a home in the San Gabriel Valley area! Also, I would like to leave you with one last statement: “The Parsons Team makes dreams happen!”
    Maurcie Wells, Altadena, CA

    We had an amazing experience with the Parsons Team. Their knowledge and care was superior. Our open house was smooth, and we felt taken care of. They handled the incoming bids professionally, always keeping our wants and needs in the forefront. We never felt that they were self-serving in any way. And, it being the first time we had sold a house, we felt confident that we were getting the best possible price for our home. They come HIGHLY recommended!
    Laura Hull, South Pasadena, CA

    My husband and I worked with Brian who tirelessly searched for the right home for our needs and our budget. He was immediately responsive whenever we wanted to see a house and never tired of the search. It took us between 4-6 months in this very competitive market to find and actually get what we were looking for and we could not have done it without Brian’s knowledge, patience and guidance. I would only consider buying or selling with Brian Parsons and his team and cannot recommend them more.
    Mary Kate Spach & Chris McGarry, Pasadena, CA

    As our listing agent, Brian Parsons worked hard to get out house sold. He held open houses every weekend until we finally got an offer and made sure that we got the best offer possible. Brian will always return your phone call or text that day and makes the transaction as easy as possible by emailing documents so that you don’t have to drive over to sign documents.
    I would highly recommend Brian and The Parsons Team
    Insung Kim, Pasadena, CA

    Parsons Team,
    We want to thank you for being so professional, so supportive, and so patient in this process of being so instrumental in purchasing our home! Thank you for being so available and accessible, and for appeasing all our concerns and worries throughout all stages. We so appreciate you as our agent, but we most appreciate you as our friend. We entrusted our nervous selves to you, and you were so thoughtful and supportive in this entire process. All in all, it wasn’t so bad 🙂 We owe you for making this process as painless as possible. We love our home and we have you to thank for!!
    We look forward to having you over and creating good memories here! Thank you so much for being a great friend to us!
    The Wells, Pasadena, CA

    Brian never got rattled when we lost a buyer whose offer was over asking. He showed confidence and went right back to work securing another buyer with the exact same offer– over asking. He was fun to work with!
    Bill Heideman, San Marino, CA

    Brian Parsons called on me after he was told by one of my friends that I was looking for a real estate agent to list my house for sale. At the very first meeting, he laid out very clearly how his team functions, and he laid out a clear path how he thought sale of the house would occur including the expected sale price and the time frame. The sold price and closing of escrow pretty much followed his scripted path. The house was sold in less than two weeks, and escrow closing took another week or so. Brian and his team always responded to our questions and concerns promptly. My wife and I are extremely impressed with their professionalism.
    Anil Singh, South Pasadena, CA

    Brian, thank you for helping us purchase our home! Thank you for spending countless hours looking for listings and writing offers for us (8 total). During this transaction, you got us into the house early while not a lot others had such opportunities to look at the house; you suggested offer and counter offer based on your experience with the market; you organized the biggest inspection “party”; you negotiated all the terms even when you were on vacation; you arranged contractors to give us quotes on the repairs, and, you even completed a repair the day before closing escrow. You made impossible happen! We are lucky we got the BEST agent in the universe! You have done such a fantastic job and we truly appreciate everything you have done for us. You are the one and only agent we will ever refer to anyone who wants to buy or sell a home.
    With a million thanks,
    The Brookes Family, Pasadena, CA

    You really went above and beyond with this one and I just want you to know how grateful I am for every bit of it. Your patience, understanding, and sometimes just being a compassionate “release valve” for overwhelming with some of the most insane situations… I appreciate everything.
    Heidi Schuenemann, Sierra Madre, CA

    As first time homebuyers in the California market, we were cautious about our home options. As the current market was filled with uncertainty and chaos, we needed a seasoned, reliable, genuine agent to help us navigate through the muddle waters. The Parsons Real Estate Team did just that, and more. We are proud owners of a house that fits our lifestyle, financial abilities, and our family. We don’t just own a house, we now have a home. Thanks!
    The Bauzon Family, San Gabriel, CA

    It felt good to work with a team that was totally professional. In a tough market they were knowledgeable and told me what I needed to know. They were not only friendly but went the extra mile to assure we were satisfied with every aspect of the sale of the sale of our property. I would definitely work with them again – no doubt about it!
    John Sideropoulos, Altadena, CA

    Finding the perfect first home to purchase is not easy, but Brian and the Parsons Team were amazing through the entire process. Brian was patient, honest, knowledgeable, and most of all had my best interest in mind. There is no doubt customer service is top priority for the team – I would highly  recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!
    Neera Aggarwal, Pasadena, CA

    I’ve been working closely with the Parsons team for about 5 years now. They are extremely great to work with and would recommend them to everyone. I am more than confident in their ability to help me land exactly what I’m looking for.
    Mark and Hanna Lim, Altadena, CA

    Brian and his team are FANtastic! I would (and have) recommend them to anyone buying or selling their home. They’re honest, easy to work with and really knowledgeable.
    Cameron O’Brien, Los Angeles, CA

    My wife and I have used Brian Parsons and his team two times. Once to sell our home in Glendale (Aug 2010), and again in Aug 2011 to purchase a high rise condo in Glendale. With both, the sale of our home and the purchase of a condo; Brian and his supporting team went out of their way to serve us  in the best possible way. We would most certainly recommend him and his group to any of our friends.
    Victor & Lilly Maling, Glendale, CA

    We’ve worked with a few agents and know many, but we continue to be very happy with The Parsons Team. They listened to our needs, wants & financial constraints and then scoured the area to find us homes that fit within our range. We looked at quite a few homes, but when we finally found the right one, the process moved rather quickly. The paperwork & negotiations were completed in a matter of days, and everything went smoothly. We’ve told our friends about them, and they have continued to stay in touch with us long after the sale has closed, just to make sure everything is still good. I can honestly say that they are wonderful to work with & I would highly recommend The Parsons Team.
    Bryan & Becky Wally, South Pasadena, CA

    Brian and The Parsons real estate team made my first time buying expereicne so wonderful and smooth They walked me through the process helping each step of the way! Thank you for everything.
    Kimberly Evanilla, Pasadena, CA

    I was so happy with my experience with the Parsons Team and their help buying our new home. Jane showed us several places, never pressured us, just sat and talked with us, letting us get “the feel” of the different homes. When we found the one we wanted, she advised us on the timing of the offer, how to interact (or not) with the owners, and made suggestions for me to write a personal offer letter so they would and did accept our offer. So happy. Also they had a neat address updating program for helping us transfer utilities, etc. And lots of attention and gifts even after the fact. Thank you Parsons Team!
    Kelly Ocampo, San Gabriel, CA

    Jayne Parsons and her team are amazing. I first met Jayne over 25 years ago when we were moving to the Pasadena area. Her detailed professionalism and kindness towards our wishes for a home was fantastic. Many years later, when we were ready to sell our home that she helped us purchase, she and her  team were there again to help us through the process. She didn’t just help us sell a home, she also helped us find a rental property on her own time and that was with a broken foot. When you enlist Jayne and her team to help you purchase and/or sell a property, you will not only get an amazing team to walk you through every step, you will make life long friends. The Parsons Real Estate Team is always there for you.
    Karen Husman, Arcadia, CA

    We moved to Altadena a year ago from a 1926 traditional 2 story home into a remodeled, very modern 50’s house, after looking at many houses for many months. Jayne helped us by advising us on how to prepare our house for sale, found the right buyer for the time frames we needed, and helped us find  and purchase our new house. Jayne was so patient with us, always reassuring us that there was that perfect house for us in the perfect setting, even though we thought we wouldn’t find one that we would love as much as the one we currently owned. She was right, and we are so happy. She stuck with us and was supportive throughout the process before, during and after escrow, through all the odd twists and turns that occurred. Jayne and her team are highly professional and knowledgeable about the many details that come up when navigating through negotiations, rent back, escrow, signing papers, and finding the right loan. They are well connected in the community and are able to help when making decisions about movers, furniture, inspectors, and workers. They are also very fast in turning documents around and using the internet to facilitate the process. We were so happy with the Parsons Team that we used them to help us buy a home for our daughter’s family a few months ago. Mostly I am impressed with Jayne and her team for the respect they show all people, as well as for being honest, forthright and open with everyone involved in the sale. They are always friendly and upbeat.
    Mary Bristow, Altadena, CA

    Jayne and her team were extremely professional in every aspect of the sale of my condo. From beginning to end I had no problems or concerns. I can recommend them without hesitation.
    Carol Reynolds, Pasadena, CA

    I have worked with this wonderful group for over 15 years! They continue to set the standard for competence, expertise and efficiency. They handle all of the minute details and then, all of a sudden, you are dealing with dear friends. I highly recommend experiencing the very best in the  business!
    Dan Hirst, Pasadena, CA