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    Why Are People Leaving California?

    Here are the reasons people are leaving California and where they’re going.

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    People ask me this quite a bit, so yes, I’m still working from home. I’m loving it; I get to enjoy time with my kids in the morning and then have lunch with them in the afternoon. Many other people are starting to realize they can work from home, and it’s not as bad as they would have thought. However, this is causing a great migration out of California.

    There are five top reasons we’re seeing people leave the state:

    1. Home prices in California have rapidly increased. Our prices have risen so much recently that people are realizing they can take the equity out of their homes, move to another state, buy a house with cash, and get rid of mortgages altogether.

    2. Telecommunication has become commonplace. There’s no longer a large need to get in your car, rush to the office, and sit in traffic driving twice a day. Most companies are okay with employees working from home, and they’re making it work. So people are moving to places that make more sense for them.

    3. The cost of living is high. Many people moving out of California are retired, they have pensions or fixed incomes, so they want to save a little extra each month. They’re moving to states where the cost of living is a bit less.

    4. People are moving closer to family. If you can telecommute, why not be where your family or friends live?

    5. Differing opinions regarding California’s politics. Some people are moving to a state that sees more eye to eye with what they believe.


    “People are starting to realize that working from home
    isn’t as bad as they would have thought.”

    The five top states people are moving to from California:

    • Texas
    • Oregon
    • Montana
    • Idaho
    • Nevada

    I’m curious to know why you would move out of California and where you would go. So to discuss this or if you have any questions, shoot me an email or give me a call. I would love to speak with you.

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